4 Awesome Office Gadgets You Must Have

Have you ever sat in that little cubicle you call home at the office and thought, now if someone just invented a thing that does that it would be amazing? All too often the most mundane things in our office are the very things that drive us crazy. The one that comes to mind for me is when the shredding services company leaves little bits of paper behind in the copier room that I always end up picking up after.

Every one has their thing, that one is mine. I want a gadget that just automatically picks that stuff up and shunts it off to the recycle bin without my having to stop each day and do it. But there are actually some pretty cool office gadgets out there that I am betting were thought up on some dreary day at the office. You know the kind of day we mean.

Nothing is happening of any note in your office, the meeting is taking too long and you find your mind wandering. These gadgets are simply the result of the right mind wandering to the right place. Check these out the next time you are looking around that cubicle and want to make your office life a bit better.

Clip-On Coffee Cup Holder

This gadget looks like a giant paper clip, only it clips to your desk and holds your coffee cup. If you have ever spilled a cup of hot coffee within inches of your monitor or worse yet keyboard, you know exactly why this is such an awesome idea. It allows you to put that dangerous cup just out of reach of jutting elbows but still within reach when you need a jolt of java to stimulate that lazy brain.

Solar Charger

If you have an office or cubicle that by some miracle has a window (lucky you!) then you will love this one. It is a little square charger for your USB or cellphone that attaches to a window and uses solar power for recharging.

Since I have seen phone chargers built into backpacks it really is no surprise that someone thought this puppy up. Of course, the only hitch is, who the heck rates a window these days at work? Certainly, not yours truly.

Spin for Lunch

Have you ever seen those cardboard signs where you spin to get an answer to a question? I saw one at a tech company (of course) that helps you decide what to have for lunch. The fact that about half the options said “pizza” should have been a clue, but I still think it is a fun way to decide. After all, going out for pizza with the gang is the best part of the work day, isn’t it?

Giant Red BS Button

I have seen variations on this idea for several years now but this one is the coolest yet. It is a giant red button that sits on your desk. When you hit it, the most amazing loud horrendous sound comes out, that declares “B#%* S#!*t!” as loudly as you can imagine. While probably not a great idea to hit after your boss comes around with his latest round of complaints about your work, it is a fun idea when you are hanging with your best buds at work. Let that steam out and release your frustration with this baby.