Computer recycling

There are many factors that go into it when you are trying to choose a company that will recycle computers, for one in our day and age you should really consider how long the company has been around, it’s not like we just now got computers you know? They have been in commercial use for some time now and that longevity in a company shows good work ethic, good services and an overall good investment. It should also be noted that having a lot of the industry certifications, there are many certifications that can be gotten in the computer recycling business and a good company holds and maintains a lot of them things such as R2, ISO, 14001, OHSAS 18001, or even having an environmental quality permit on account that e-waste needs to be properly disposed of.

These are all things that should be taken into account of you or your company are looking to get into a long term contract make sure that the company that you are planning on working with let’s you visit the facility so that you can evaluate it yourself, see how the process is done. Most well off companies will have someone dedicated to your account in order to achieve a level of proper understanding and customer care in your relationship with your client.

Now when it comes to the price if recycling computers or computer parts in general you should know that it depends on the type of equipment that you are trying to recycle, for example recycling a stack of servers won’t be the same as recycling some old printers but don’t worry a good company will give you a free estimate and show you why it comes out to that amount of money. When it comes to large companies the best way to make back some of the money spend on now outdated equipment is to go ahead and recycle it you can make a decent amount of money that way you can cut the cost of the new equipment by quite a substantial amount by doing things this way. Specially if the equipment is still functional and could be resold as used computers that would be ideal.

Remember that every certification that a company can have might be good and it definitely lends itself to give the company credibility but the backbone of any good company is definitely hands down the customer service department and because a good customer service department is necessary it’s something that you should definitely look into how good the company that you want to make your long term contract with is when it comes to customer care and customer care representatives and only if you happen to agree with their mission statement and with who they are as a company their facilities etcetera should you actually consider getting this contract with them.

Always make sure that you do recycle your computers it could be a good way to make back money but also it’s the right thing to do for the environment.