Earn Money Online: Websites That Pay Writers $50+

Freelance writing has become very popular in India and attracts a number of writers into the field. Many of these writers are looking for ways and means of supplementing their incomes while others do it to sharpen their writing skills. Many students and elderly people are joining this industry as a way of making a living. Here is a list of the top websites which are commonly used by Indian freelance writers and banking copywriters that pay $50+:

  1. Truelancer: Truelancer is perhaps the largest freelancing website and content writing agency in India with about 3 million freelancers from all over the world using this platform as a source of writing projects. The site is not only used by content writers but also entails other areas of expertise which include data entry jobs, online marketing, and many others. It has an escrow system which offers 100% security to freelancers and employers, especially when it comes to payments. It assures payment to the freelancer when he/she completes the task assigned. It also allows freelancers to post gigs which have clear deliverables that can be bought at a click. It has fully functioning iOS and android apps that make communication between a freelancer and an employer easy.
  2. Contentmart: Contentmart is a freelance platform that is customized for the Indian market. It offers clients a number of content writing services to choose from. It has a very simple and linear website which makes it easy to use. There are writers from all around India and likewise, clients are also from everywhere. It is also able to offer payments using the Indian currency and this is a big plus to the Indian freelancers. It has a large network of freelancers that can be filtered by location. It is a site that is gaining prominence as it caters for the welfare of Indian writers.
  3. Whitepanda: Whitepanda is another freelancing platform that provides reliable, prompt and affordable services to the Indian freelancers. It gives the freelance writers total control over the type of job they need to do. The only parameters that the writers are judged on the basis of include timeliness, quality, and professionalism.

However, in the end, Contentmart can be seen as the most trusted site because it encourages the delivery of quality content by establishing a system of mutual benefit, growth, and support. Before enlisting as writers, freelancers are screened for grammar and their ability to write. The site does this so as to maintain high levels of professionalism and quality. The platform is concerned about its image and is very strict on issues of plagiarism. In short, there are many freelance websites where a writer can earn $50+ easily, even newbies! All that is needed is professionalism and quality work.