How to Create a Viral Video

Social media has become a prominent part of our lives. Whether it is Facebook or YouTube, many people are using these platforms to upload their videos in hopes of having millions of views. Naturally, people with videos that have a staggering number of views get sponsorships. These sponsorships not only allow the user to create more videos, but also have significant financial value. In this article, we will explore ways for creating a video that could be potentially the next viral sensation.

Viral videos have one thing in common, which is viewers respond emotionally to the video. Emotional response could be anything from feeling warm and fuzzy inside to absolute rage and disgust. Whenever we have a strong emotional response to anything, the first thing we think about is sharing it with someone else. Videos become viral through massive sharing.

Studies have shown that videos that cause an emotional reaction of anger are shared more frequently than videos causing a happy reaction. So, watching a cute kitten being silly on camera goes far, but doesn’t necessarily have enough power to make it viral. This is why we see a lot of videos about police beating a suspect becoming viral fast. People tend to react with anger to these videos without knowing the entire story. Another strong emotional reaction is laughter. Videos that are extremely funny tend to be shared more frequently than those that are only mildly funny. This may seem like common sense, but the keyword here is extremely funny. Extremely funny means that it appeals to a large audience, thus almost everyone finds it funny.

Another trait that viral videos have in common is that they are well produced. For example, using video production in Houston can make a video on life in Houston bars much more appealing to watch. Making sure that the frames are place together in a coherent manner is very important. A video must also tell a story that captures the attention of your audience. Thus, video editing and post production become essential. The sound behind your video also needs to be of high quality. Making sure to use the proper equipment to record voices or sounds is crucial because cleaning up poorly recorded audio is very difficult. Lastly, if adding a music track behind your video, then first make sure to have the proper rights to use the music. Many videos have either been removed or the audio has been disabled due to the lack of the proper rights to use the music or audio.

Making a viral video is no easy task, yet we are constantly seeing people uploading videos that become viral overnight. Focusing on what we enjoy doing and recording it is most likely the best place to start. Making videos should be a fun and enjoyable activity. Having your own YouTube channel and getting more subscribers is a great way to building a following on the internet, but make sure not to quit your day job as getting financially rewarded for your videos may not necessarily happen.