One Simple Secret for Boosting Your Web Presence

If you have a business and watch how your website does, you have probably experienced the same google bounce that many online businesses have seen. You feel like your new website is doing great, it is moving up steadily in terms of Google page rank as well as in the number of visitors. You feel that the money you spent on that website may not have been money thrown away after all. And then things begin to look different.

Your sales are not doing well. You have tried various types of software for selling online and the latest pos system for retail was recommend by several business owners you know. So why is it suddenly not doing the kind of gangbusters numbers it did at first?

Well some of it is simply that the shiny sense of being a new site has begun to wear off and so Google has stopped giving you that extra juice. You may have done a bit of marketing when you started with this, and now your attention has wandered off and you no longer write that blog every week or do that Facebook post every day. These can hurt you, even if you talk to some smart sales software distributor like the folks at AltaPay to get ideas on better ways to sell online. So now what?

Gentle and Intelligent Social Media Marketing

If you have not yet made a Facebook page for your site, now would be a good time to invest in that. No, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, in fact it only costs you your time when it comes to setting up a special page on Facebook for your store. But if you don’t post on it regularly then people won’t be motivated to follow you.

Don’t Over-post Sales

And while it is fine to let them know when a sale is coming up or if you just got in a new product that you know your customers are interested in – don’t over post about selling. Just let them know about you, the business and what you have going on. The rest will be easy, but you don’t want people to feel like they are simply following a bunch of advertising.

Newbie Marketing

This is the type of mistake that many newbie ecommerce businesses will do when they first start to do social media marketing. They have heard that it is important to use it, they think they understand that having a page on Facebook is good, but they don’t understand how to use it.

Facebook, for instance, is a great place to tell people about that article you write that shows up on LinkedIn. These two social media sites are the perfect place to share information, especially if that information is in the form of an informative article on your blog that you share around.

Keep Personal to Personal Pages

While some personal stuff is okay every once in a while, for these sites you don’t want to be posting cute kitten pictures every day. Well, unless your business is something that is connected with kittens, like a cat vet or an adoption agency. But if you have a business reason to post personal pictures that connect with your brand, then feel free. But most of all, what folks want is something interesting that add to their lives.