Preparing Your Business Website for a Global Audience

As your business expands into new territories and countries on the other side of the globe, is your marketing in the right place to capitalise on these new markets and potential customers? Reaching out to your new found global audience in an effective way could be the crucial step to making your company a success and continue to see the growth which has led to you outgrowing your local market and seek new markets to lead.

In the modern age your website is the first port of call for most potential and current customers. They will look to your website to provide them with information about who you are as a company, to view your products and services and for any other tidbits of information that can help them make a decision over whether to trust you as a brand or not. This outcome can be made due to the text present, the colour scheme, fonts, and a whole host of other things. If your website does not make a good impression on new visitors within seconds, or even worse, offends them, you are unlikely to draw in new business. When you put your website in front of a whole new audience in a completely different country to your own there are so many other considerations to put in play.

Localising your website has three key benefits to your business, and could be the main reason behind your successful jump into a completely new market for you.

Increase Sales

The whole reason behind a business venturing into new territory is to gain new custom and sales in that country. If a foreign visitor to your website can’t find it, or has difficulty understanding the content when they do enter it, you are unlikely to make a foothold in that country. By localising your website to each new country you are entering will see an increase in potential sales as the new users will be quickly able to identify the information they are trying to find and be able to make out the steps they need to take in order to make a purchase. Simplifying the sales process from your language to theirs is a big step to increasing sales.

Show Your Global Audience You Care

There is nothing worse than a company from a different country to that of a customer imposing their views and completely ignoring the way of life in the market place that they are attempting to sell within. Localising your website quickly shows your new audience that they are not an after thought from an international company. These little quirks of dialect and understanding of local culture could be the difference between someone making you their go to brand for a particular service, or staying with a different company.

Be Careful of Local Traditions and Nuances

Lastly, in every country there are quirks of the tongue, from dialect to slang terms that can mean something completely different from country to country. Even your brand name might have an unsavoury, or comic, meaning in a different country to your own. It is important to fully understand the culture of the new country and be able to identify how to rectify the marketing text so that when a potential customer from a new country visits your website, they aren’t going to be met with a nasty surprise.