Slow Computer Solutions!

Is not it frustrating to hold around for many minutes until your monitor displays the files you would like? Is not it pointless awaiting your preferred videos to experience? We provide you with the ideas to make unexpected things happen rapidly. However with the slow computers you’ve, it appears that technologies are moving backwards. Now, there are plenty of slow computer solutions available that could solve your computer dilemmas by preserve your computer’s high functioning and fast connections. The following advice are fundamental procedures regarding how to accelerate the whole process of your pc. A few of these solutions are extremely easy that even without professional assistance could be got made by applying home technical skills.

Defrag to prevent the lag

Defragmentation is the procedure of compressing unused files and rewriting areas of the file to adjoining sectors on the hard disk drive. With continuous utilization of computer, hard disk becomes fragmented meaning a few of the files aren’t put in the sphere or location where they belong. Slow computer solution like the utilization of defragmentation (defrag) tool boosts the speed of access and retrieval of files by putting the files in the appropriate sector. To defrag, click start menu bar, then programs, click accessories, indicate system tools, and click on disk defragmenter. Once the screen displayed the disk defragmenter tool, click on the defrag task bar. It might take hrs before defragmentation is correctly done however the wait continues to be worthwhile. You should defrag at least one time per month to correctly neat and update the files.


One slow computer option would be to select necessary programs to spread out as the computer begins. Some startup programs can be taken off since these are useless. To disable startup programs, click start menu, indicate run. Within the dialogue box, type msconfig and click on OK. When the MSconfig box is proven around the monitor, pick the startup box and click on it. A summary of startup products is going to be proven with boxes on its left part. Uncheck programs you don’t need to ensure that any time you open the pc, these programs won’t instantly start and cause delay.

Block the pop-up

It’s also useful to allow pop-up blocker any time you are connected online. Being online attracts more virus, adware and spyware, and, spy ware if you block pop-up, your pc could be guarded against these dangerous sites. Also, get access to updated virus scanner would also safeguard the pc against harmful files which could slow lower your pc or worse, can harm the body.