Testing On Cloud Based Testing Platform: Testing Processes Available!

Cloud computing has become a viable ground for the quality assurance seekers to design their testing tools. It has become a hub for the world traffic to choose a reliable platform that connects and organizes testing in a simpler way.

The fact that cloud based testing platform makes it easy apply testing on not just the web applications but also cloud testing, existing application testing etc appeals. It is configurable as per the needs of the developers as per their test settings. As a result there are several types of tests that can be conducted on the cloud.

Functional testing

It covers the aspects of the applications, its function, processing and the connection with the hardware. The tools like TimeShift, sauce labs etc come into play too. There are fixed techniques which can be applied for enhancing the functional testing grounds. There is system testing for the core functionalities, requirements and designs. The perception of the customers can be kept in mind to drive the tests and find the test results. Through integration testing the compatibility with various operating systems and programming languages can be tested. Therefore the needs of the customers can be served with improved mechanisms.

Performance testing

It is important to find how an application can serve the needs of the customers. Through performance testing the facts like downtime requirement, performance, usage, reliance etc can be evaluated. There is also scope to find out if the system is secure enough to share data, store data and find accurate results. Performance testing ensures that when a web application is designed the needs of the customers and the evolving demands of the market are met with immense scalability. It evaluates if the application will support as per the standard flexibility and subjected testing.

Ability testing

From disaster recovery mechanisms to evaluating the access and security control, ability testing helps evaluate the core service of the applications. Compatibility to the business operations, its regular usage, unforeseen situations etc are kept in mind. There is also scale to improve the coding and derive the level of sufficiency that any software can help assure. There are ready codeless automation tools available too.

An organization or developer needing to verify the credibility of the designed web application can run through multiple cloud testing tools to check on all round performance of the application to serve the industry a standard application. The fact that its on cloud makes it easier, accessible and reliable!