What Should Be Done To Stop the Fast Battery Draining Of Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung has always been a reliable brand for mobile phone users and they are one of the brands that are known to produce innovative products at convenient prices in the market. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new launch from Samsung, which is laced with a number of wonderful features to attract more and more users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been build up in a unique way to meet the requirements of a user. Its design and performance have been paid a lot of attention, and hence some top carriers like Sprint, T-mobile along with some other top-most telecommunication holding companies has made it available for purchase, almost everywhere.

Problem with the battery

If you are a tech-savvy and keep yourself updated about the latest news related to technology or phones, you might have heard that people are complaining about Samsung Galaxy S3’s shorter battery life.

Though the company has assured its consumers that they will soon come up with the solution and are already trying for it but is it actually a fault in the phone or we are doing something wrong? Well, to answer this question we should try to know the working and technicalities related to a phone.

The running applications and battery life

We install and use a number of applications in our Android phones, but do we know a continuously running application may utilize our phone’s processor, or camera or any other part, which can lead to fast battery drainage of the phone?

To solve this issue, you must check the running apps by visiting the settings section of your phone. Once you find the list of running applications, all you need to do is removing those apps from your phone which are not necessary, by force stopping or uninstalling them.

Other reasons for poor battery backup

Along with the installed apps, various downloads you have performed and stored in your phone can be one of the reasons for which your Samsung S3 battery drains fast. We do need to download some support options for our pre-installed app, which can also lead to a poor battery life of the phone.

The pre-installed email apps or social networking apps like Facebook and WhatsApp also overuses the phone’s battery and hence result in its short life.

For the detection of a location, any Android phone uses a more than usual power supply, and that is why whenever you use your phone’s GPS for detecting a location through apps like Twitter, Google Maps, Instagram, etc. your battery starts getting drained.

Ways to solve the problem

It is advised to keep your phone’s GPS off when it isn’t required. You can also save your battery incredibly by managing the brightness of your phone. You can opt for using “Auto-brightness” feature of your phone to save your battery life and adjust phone’s brightness accordingly.

Keeping your Samsung Galaxy S3’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned off when they are not in use, can also help you save the battery because they utilize a relevant amount of power to run and keeping them turned on unnecessarily is a no good idea when you don’t want your phone’s battery to drain fast.

These are some of the methods, which you can try to save the battery of your phone and keep it serving to you for longer duration.