Which Is Better, Antenna or Satellite Dishes?

Most people today have a television in their homes. In addition to owning one, most people also use their television daily. People use televisions for many things including catching up on the news, watching television programs, and more. Most people use cable services for their TVs, by an overwhelming margin.

However, satellite and antenna networks are popular as well. Unlike cable, both of these options offer more programs to choose from and also often offer a better quality picture. So, which one is best? Read on to learn more about TV antennas as opposed to satellite services.


The cost of satellite dishes and antennas vary greatly. As with most things, the simpler the design and function, the lower the price. However, there is more to consider than just the base cost.

With antennas, you can look forward to having no fees beyond your initial purchase. This is unlike both cable and satellite, which each require a subscription and incur other fees as well. Ultimately, you can save money by choosing to use an antenna.

Subscription or Free

As stated above, satellite users face subscription fees for their television while antenna users do not. While antenna users sometimes have more limited access to channels, they don’t face monthly bills like satellite users do.

Installation and Placement

While most users forget about installation, it is an important factor to consider. Installing either an antenna or a satellite dish can be a sizeable task, and should be left to the professionals.

However, some antennas are much easier to install than satellite dishes. The only thing to keep in mind are things that can potentially block the signals such as tall buildings, hills, and other structures. Be sure to have your antenna placed as high as possible, but do so safely and when the weather is good.


The quality of your signal depends on the placement and type of equipment you have. However, with an antenna, you’ll be getting HDTV quality for free and without any subscription, which is one of the biggest benefits of choosing an antenna for your home. You won’t need to pay extra to receive excellent quality picture viewing.

Benefits of Antennas

If you want to receive the most flexible and affordable television services, you should have a TV antenna installed. You’ll be able to enjoy HDTV at a lower cost every month, because you’ll have no monthly expenses. Consider the following overall benefits of TV antennas:

  • HDTV: TV antennas, also known as HDTV antennas, offer a high-quality picture for viewing.
  • No Subscription: You won’t face any monthly costs because antennas don’t require subscriptions.
  • Easy Installation: Antennas are also often easier to have installed, so you can enjoy your new channel access in no time.

Drawbacks of Satellite Dishes

On the other hand, consider the following drawbacks to using a satellite dish:

  • Monthly Fees: When you choose satellite, you’ll face monthly expenses for channel and package subscriptions. You’ll be paying for packages with the channels you want, which will sometimes include channels you don’t want or need.
  • Affected by Poor Weather: Satellite dishes don’t hold up well against severe weather. Also, satellite television signals are often the first to go down.
  • More Expensive Repairs: When a satellite dish gets damaged, the repairs can be very costly. And replacement costs can be even steeper.