4 Common Myths Every CEO has about Web Developers

If your past web development projects have been pretty rough, it was probably your fault. Most of the CEOs have some grave myths in their minds about the web development and especially when they hire web developer. And this should be addressed because mostly every business these days depends on the online presence. No matter what your company size is, CEOs of all the companies have the same issue. Here are the myths that should be confronted and resolved so as to never underestimate the power of web development.

  1. Website development is easy

Clients simply ask for a simple 20 page website with a log in setup, blog, online payment and other necessary widgets. Websites like Craigslist and Facebook do look simple, but the essential development work takes up a lot of time and is really complex in nature. The strangest part about web development is, the simpler the design, the more costly the site is. If you have small requests to make, sometimes they could involve complicated development work and need days of programming.

  1. Everyone should be involved

Instead of inviting up all the staff into a conference room in order to brainstorm the ideas, only involve people who will be performing the task. Compile your brand assets, content strategy, user flows, and business objectives. Don’t waste your time in pondering on deep technical planning, database architecture, designs, layouts, or widgets.

  1. Websites are a commodity

Now there are many templates available online which makes the CEOs think that web design is a cheap affair. Making the most of already existing web templates may work for some companies, but not for those who are serious about making their online presence a grand one. Perceive your website as an investment and dedicate proper resources to it. Hire web developer or a team who understands your business, ask the right questions and gain satisfied customers. A good team helps in team management in a budget and seek optimal solutions. It may be costly but the ROI would be worth it.

  1. Once a site is built, the work is done

Web development isn’t just a one-time activity. Once your website has been deployed, it should be maintained as well. Many companies have a team that monitor the sites to make sure they are working with no glitches. Even if there is less traffic, you will still need someone to keep an eye on its working. You will also require security updates and fresh content for the purpose of effective SEO.