Weighing the Pros and Cons of Automotive Tech Sales Tools

In the automotive trade, as in any business, knowing how your customers view you is a vital part of the sales operation. Recent research has shown that for most auto dealerships, a customer will come in contact with a dealership several times before ever venturing in the doors. With this in mind, many dealerships are looking at a wealth of great technological tools to help them to seal the deal when that lead finally makes it through the door.

With everything from social media tips to the latest and greatest in Automotive CRM Software to use, it is becoming more important than ever that dealerships become educated on the options available to them.  So, what are the kinds of tasks that these software tools can do to make it a leaner and more effective dealership? Let’s just look at a handful of ways that using automated software solutions can improve your game on the dealership floor or off of it.

Improving Your Sales Force

Obviously the one element you need to help improve their game is your shock troops on the front line, your sales force. This is where many of the more sophisticated CRM software programs can be a big help. Many of today’s programs can help in a number of ways including helping them to organize their follow-up tasks to ensure return customers.

This has to be one of the hardest elements of day to day organization for most sales people to do as it is never top of mind when competing against the ever-present need to sell. But without proper follow-up opportunities are often lost for repeat customers and add-on value sales.

Workflow plans that are customized for each salesperson can be a big help in keeping them organized and on top of the smaller details. This can include daily reminders for specific tasks and step by step reminders for the sales process to keep the sale flowing. The ability to text between the floor and the back sales office can facilitate sales and keep communication open.

Aiding the Sales Managers

Beyond the sales force that is out on the floor making sales, your software programs can help the sales managers keep the work flowing smoothly. With communications flowing between the sales office and the floor, sales managers can assign leads directly, delegate to keep the flow smooth and even allow individuals to claim leads.

Because the software can help them to assign certain tasks, it can also help them to view if those tasks are being followed up on time and be in the loop to know who needs help. But marketing is also a part of any sales manager’s job and as leads are developed and added to the database, email marketing can be generated using the same software. This makes for an integrated approach to leads and marketing, ensuring a higher percentage of return customers.

Strategizing with the General Managers

As you can see, when utilizing the best software systems, an auto dealership can integrate all aspects of the sales team, from salespeople on the floor to sales managers coordinating leads right through to the general manager. Creating a smart strategy for the entire sales team is made easier when you have a database that is fully integrated with your sales staff and marketing team.

Reports can be run to point out trends, budgets can be analyzed for improvement and sales reports can help general managers to pin down the areas that need improvement. All of this is possible with the addition of a smart sophisticated software system that ties it all together.